ASD Harmony

Synchronize your business data

ASD HarmonyASD Harmony is a sound and flexible IT solution to guarantee the consistency of the data processed by different applications and departments. It integrates the method ASD Match for constructing the synchronization processes on top of your business models and the application ASD Sync for modeling your synchronization graphically. Together with Talend Open Studio ASD Sync generates out your synchronization model a totally platform independent synchronization program.

Domain-oriented synchronization method

The synchronization is based on a domain model, that is used as a reference for comparing and exchanging the data between arbitrary application used by different departments. ASD Harmony is an iterative method, that be extended and adjusted to new requirements and technologies at any time.

Consulting and training

ASD Harmony is offered together with a complete bundle of consulting and training services and addresses department heads as well as IT project manager and developers.

Product Sheet

Product Sheet ASD Harmony